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What we are doing?

Five successful years of our career.

The company is the main supplier of educational equipment’s such as Braille Embossers, Braille writers, video magnifiers, DAISY Players to the blindness organizations such as

It also works closely with various other public and private entities such as,

We value our achievements through client’s eye

Our triumph is our clients’ satisfaction. Whether the product is for sale or free, we keep user at the center when designing, testing, training and implementing our solutions.

Our capabilities

We are experts in supplying goods and services for the people with disabilities, particularly for those with visual disabilities in Sri Lanka. You can contact us for

  • Purchasing assistive devices
  • Braille translation and embossing solutions
  • DAISY digital book production and playback solutions
  • Assistive technology trainings and
  • Accessible web designing.

for more information please reach us at