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Support us

If you feel that our mission to create social justice to the persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka is reasonable or acceptable, please consider supporting us. You can contribute us one of several ways.

  1. Contribute your valuable time and voice us by joining our team of digital talking book readers.
  2. As an entity who believe in alternative solution designs, we would like to seek your expertise to improve our products and services. If you are an expert on electronic, mechanical or software engineering and if you are willing to share your knowledge and experience to create alternatives for the persons with disabilities, please join with us.
  3. If you are a philanthrophist who work for a better social change, please make us a donation to help others.
    Our account information is:
  • Account name: Access to success
  • Bank Name: Bank of Ceylon
  • Branch: Thimbirigasyaya
  • Branch code: 512
  • Account No: 77270374
  • Swift-Code: BCEYLKLX

For more information please reach us at